History of the manor-house

  • interier

    Interior of the Manor House

    The monumental entrance hall of the Manor House with elegant theater staircase is decorated with original chandeliers of Theresian style, restored into a modern form, and life-size portraits of the best-known Slovaks of the last century.

  • chodba-tolerancie

    Corridor of tolerance

    The central passage of the Manor House is called the Corridor of tolerance. The walls of the corridor are decorated with symbols of the world's largest religions and with several dozens of portraits of philosophers, writers and scientists.

  • africky

    African Lounge

    In honor of the original two rooms called 'Africa', in which at that time the Count Hunyadi, as a passionate hunter and shooter, exhibited trophies from hunting, the African lounge was established, decorated with paintings and masks from Africa.

  • restauracia


    The restaurant consists of several rooms, the largest of which is decorated in a hunting style as the whole Manor House was furnished before 1945. Hunting trophies are complemented by modern paintings with hunting themes. Next to the restaurant are located three lounges – the White Lounge, the Music Lounge and the Rose Lounge.

  • vinna-pivnica

    Wine cellar with a wine shop

    Today, in the basement of the Manor House is located a 300-year-old vaulted brick wine cellar. Under its extensive reconstruction is signed the architect Viktor Šabík, who won the international Brick award 2010 in Vienna for this project. The premises of the 300-year-old wine cellar are now a place where history meets with art. The atmosphere of the wine cellar with the wine shop is completed by the collection of 120 paintings by 24 painters with themes of wine and viticulture.

  • strelnica

    Shooting range

    In addition, another underground space has exceptional use. In it, there has been built an indoor shooting range for short barrel shotguns with three lanes open the whole year round. The facility is a sport shooting range intended for the public, without the need for a firearms license.

  • chodba-rozpravky

    Hallway like from fairytale

    The pride of the Manor House is also a corridor that connects the main building of the Manor House with the Relaxation Center. It is decorated with scenes from the Dobšinský collection of folk tales in beautiful colored renditions, in enormous proportions of 18 x 2.3 m by the academic painter Táňa Žitňanová. In addition to the tales, the most famous castles in Slovakia were also captured. Part of the corridor is dedicated to the spooks and ghost stories related to the Manor House and its surroundings.

  • bazen

    Botanic garden turned into a Pool

    In the place where once was a botanical winter garden of the Hunyadi family is now a swimming pool. The pool's interior itself is unique and even today reminds the winter garden. On its ceiling, there is one of the greatest contemporary paintings in Slovakia with dimensions of 15 x 10 m “Orchid flowers´", made by academic painter Jana Farmanová-Šabíková.

  • palac

    Tribute to the Count Grasalkovich

    Mojmírovce is the birthplace of Anton Grassalkovich, commemorated today by a lounge dedicated to the Count. The walls are decorated with portraits of Grassalkovich and his sovereign Maria Theresa in life size by academic painter Jarmila Veľká. You can admire the carved replicas of the most important buildings, which the Count had built, the coat of arms of that period, armors and a large-scale arched painting depicting the coronation of Maria Theresa by academic painter Táňa Žitňanová.

Centuries full of stories

The history of the baroque-classicist Manor House in the middle of Mojmirovce village dates back to the 18th century and is associated with the house of Hunyadi, who moved to the then-called village Urmín after the end of the Turkish Wars. In 1721, Imrich Hunyadi had built a majestic manor house in the baroque style. Later on, after a fire, the Manor House was rebuilt in the classical style.

Park full of exotic plants

Part of the Hunyadi family estate was, in addition to the Manor House, an extensive park with lots of exotic trees, shrubs and plants, which in the following decades belonged to the most beautiful parks of Upper Hungary. A rarity was the Greenhouse - a botanical garden, which, unfortunately, did not survive to the present days.

Horse breeding and horse races

A true pride of the Hunyadi family was a horse-breeding farm, which breeds purebred Arabian, Italian and Spanish horses. In 1814, Joseph Hunyadi organized according to modern rules in Urmín the first public horse race in Austria-Hungary. On the 2600-meter long track raced 13 horses.

The seat of nobility was also a school building

The last descendants of the Hunyadi noble family departed from its seat in Mojmirovce after World War II. The manor house subsequently served for a variety of purposes, military barracks were set up, later flats for teachers, medical Offices, a pub, even a primary school. Since the late 60s, the building had only deteriorated.In 1974, the Manor House became the property of the Consumer cooperatives in Slovakia; after an extensive gradual restoration, it is now the seat of the Manor House Mojmírovce hotel ***, COOP Educational Institute, and the Mojmír Foundation.

Transformation into the hotel

Almost from the ruins of a former horse-breeding farm was built a stylish hotel and a convention center. The restored premises of the Manor House now house a restaurant, wine cellar and wine shop, several training rooms, suites and rooms, a relaxation center, and in the basement of the Manor House firing range for short guns.
Even now, the Manor House does not miss pompousness. It is surrounded by a beautiful English park with a renovated fountain and four-meter high oak statues of saints and patrons made by Marek Žitňan.

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