A place where history and family traditions come together

Let yourself be amazed by history

fForget about ordinary and boring interiors that do not appeal to you and cannot create the right feeling for you. We present to you a real treasure.
The Manor-house of Mojmírovce. Upon entering this amazing place, you will be hit by a wave of immense beauty and elegance.

The huge entrance hall will excite you and leave you speechless. It is a place where, in addition to the charming receptionist, you will be greeted with a smile by pleasant warmth of the fireplace, which in winter gives the hall a special atmosphere.

As soon as you enter the huge foyer, you will notice the elegant theatrucak staircase, which is decorated with original Teresian chandeliers in a modern form. But this is not all! The life-size portraits of the most famous Slovaks of the last centuries, which decorate the walls, will immediately catch your attention. Your attention will move from one portrait to another and you will feel that you are part of the history, prestige and culture that complete the unique atmosphere of this place

If you turn left from the entrance hall, you will find yourself in the Corridor of Tolerance. This central corridor of the Manor-house is truly admirable. Walls are decorated with symbols of the world’s largest religions as well as portraits of important philosophers, writers and scientists. Different cultures and ideas meet in this corridor, creating an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual understanding. Walk through this corridor and let yourself be absorbed by the atmosphere of wisdom and spiritual wealth. 

Authenticity at every step

In order to bring you even more authenticity, an African salon was set up in the Manor-house of Mojmírovce, as Count Huňady spent a lot of time hunting in Africa as a passionate hunter. Today, in addition to paintings and masks from Africa, you can feel the atmosphere and spirit of this continent in this salon. It is a wonderful tribute to history and culture that opens our eyes and hearts, and by staying with us you can experience the atmosphere of an african adventure in our African Salon.

Food as an experience

The restaurant in the Manor-house is a place where you can enjoy excellent food. The room is furnished in a hunting style, and in addition to hunting trphies, you can also admire modern paintings with a hunting theme. In the neighborhood of the restaurant there are three other salons – the White Salon, the Music Salon and the Pink Salon. An unforgettable atmosphere is created in these spaces, which will bring you a feeling of well-being and luxury.

In vino veritas

If you are one of the wine lovers, you should definitely not miss the wine cellar, which is located in the basement of the mansion. The vaulted brick cellar is a place to admire history with art. Architect Viktor Šabík was personally involved in the reconstruction of this wine cellar, for which he received an award. In thi cellar you can discover a history, while you are kept company by a collection of 120 paintings by 24 academic painters on the theme of wine and viticulture.

Adrenaline and action

For those looking for adrenaline and action, there is also an indoor shooting range. What makes it unique? It is hidden in one of the underground areas of the Manor-house and is also available to the general public, not only to the guests staying. Possession of a gun license is not a requirement. It is intended for shooting with short ball weapons. You can enjoy it at any time of the year.

Hallway to a fairy tale

There is another interesting thing in the Manor-house, and it is a corridor that connects the main building of the Manor-house with the relaxation center and is decorated with scenes from Dobšinské folk tales. This impressive painting work by the academic painter Táňa Žitňanova will transport you to a huge dimension of 18 x 2,3 m. In this corridor, you will not only learn about the most beautiful castles and chateaux in Slovakia, but you will also meet ghosts and spooky stories connected to the Manor-house and its surroundings.

Water, art, relaxation

Last but not least, we cannot forget the botanical winter garden of the Huňady family, whose premises have been turned into a swimming pool. This pool is unique in its style and design. The interior of the pool will remind you of the original botanical garden, where on the ceiling you will find one of the largest contemporary paintings in Slovakia – ‘Orchid flowers’ by the academic painter Jana Farmanová-Šabíková. It is a true tribute to nature and art that will enchant you.

Homage to the Count Grasalkovič

And now we will present you the last, but certainly not the least important point of our Manor of Mojmírovec – a tribute to Count Grasalkovič, who came from this beautiful region. In our salon, which is dedicated to the count, you will find life-size portraits of Grasalkovič and Maria Theresa by the academic painter Táňa Žitňanová. You can also admire the carved models of the most important buildings that are the work of Grasalkovič (such as the presidential palace Grasalkovič in Bratislava).

In the salon you will also find period coats of arms, armor and a large-format painting depicting the coronation of Maria Theresa by the academic painter Táňa Žitňanová.

This mansion is a truly unique place that offers unforgettable experiences. Each room is carefully designed to provide a distinctive atmosphere.

Visit us and let yourself be carried away by the charm of history and art in a breathtaking combination.